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Shandong lingdong electronic e-commerce co., LTD., which was founded in 2016, is located in Jinxiang county, Jining city, Shandong province, an international garlic planting and trading center with beautiful environment, convenient transportation and the reputation of "the world garlic sees China, the Chinese garlic sees jinxiang".Since the company was established, were committing to the development of the intelligent agriculture, modernization, Persist in integrating online and offline resources, continue to innovate, warehouse trading patterns, the organic combination of network method and the traditional model, it has achieved business interaction, Internet connectivity, information exchange, resource sharing and convenient service, start a new era of the "Internet +" of modern agricultural development. The company has more than 120 employees and fixed assets of 90 million yuan.The main business are garlics, onions, peppers and other agriculturals and sideline products,set purchase and sale, processing, refrigeration, trading, export in one, and supporting network support, finance,accommodation,catering and other comprehensive services. Now it has developed into a large-scale influential enterprise of the whole industrial chain in the industry. It is a well-known international garlic trading service center, whose business covers more than 100 countries and regions. It has won many honorary titles such as key leading enterprise, outstanding contribution unit, meritorious enterprise, advanced enterprise and top ten e-commerce enterprise. Enterprise adhere to Confucian character, thrifty, seek improvement in stability.Since 2017, it has invested 90 million yuan to build the suantongtianxia industrial park, which covers an area of 520 mu, and opened an online and offline garlic trading service platform.Online launch of suantongtianxia information platform, to provide garlic merchants, brokers and other garlic industry in China's latest developments, including purchase and sales information, live trading situation, real-time garlic prices, production situation, historical trends and market analysis, etc.At present, the number of followers has reached more than 800,000, the peak number of daily hits reached more than 4 million times.It has built large warehousing logistics trading sevice center in offline.It includes the date of center,the multi-function hall,VIP service,bank finance,hotel catering, etc.An integrated office building.Goods storage dry and cold storage, intelligent storage, processing workshop, trading market, etc., among which the most characteristic is the first national intelligent cold storage of bulk goods, which has 12 national invention patents.The storage capacity of the park is second to none in jinxiang county, with the capacity to store 120,000 tons of garlic, 350,000 tons of garlic slices and 30,000 tons of peppers. Park relyed on the regional advantage , information advantages and personnel advantages of garlic town, etc., Integrate business flow, logistics and information flow into an organic whole, integrated data, optimize and allocate all kinds of resources, make the garlic industry "neural network" efficient and smooth running, giving full play to the "goods gathering function, trading function, information function, price formation function and settlement function" of the park.The completion of the park has overturned the traditional garlic production and marketing mode, and realized the overall improvement of garlic industry from product value, interactive value to ecological value, vigorously promoted the development of Internet + modern agriculture, and accelerated the rural revitalization. The company has always been to "good faith management tree credibility, increasing the benefits with the person this, seek improvement in stability risk prevention, strong ramming foundation industry, intelligence service to development and win-win cooperation in the future" as our tenet, inheriting the "unity, pragmatic, honest, innovation" spirit, to adapt to the development of diversified enterprises, the development model, organization structure, talent introduction and so on a series of major reform, in the strategic management, leadership development, financial value creation established a unique modern enterprise management mode.Company will be in accordance with the "real, do strong, do best, do big, do a good job in" mode of development, relying on the industrial development, capital operation of the "double majors", by using internet"+" internationalization, the Internet's "two wings", through innovative service mode, the layout of the global market, the type of business, promote the informationization level four measures, achieve the goal of the transformation and upgrading, to create wealth for customers, create value for society, and strive to become a garlic industry modernization agriculture leading enterprises. Good long range longcheng, suantongtianxia, we will not forget the original intention, brave the tide, take the park as the full support, take the talent as the lever, leverage the global business opportunities, seek improvement in stability, to build a century-old enterprise, committed to the fastest speed to provide the world's customers with the best quality products and the most professional service. We will: with a dream, innovation a model, create an era, committed to serving everyone in the industry! more >>
Industrial Park
the garlic is the first to open the market live video live broadcast, the market dynamic voice live broadcast of the main production areas of the whole country, the abundant aerial photograph collection related to the garlic, the well-defined trend prediction and the price discovery of the popular participation, All the above services are open to all for free to increase the platform's attention to the user's use. On this basis, the operation center has added the following plate: 1. Village-level agent: The village-level agency is a substitute for the agricultural products such as garlic and pepper, which is established by the village. The person in charge of each representative office is given a network identity by the platform, and on the basis of the identity, the person in charge can integrate all the personnel of the village into a virtual network area corresponding to the village, and finally realize the bottom-up and top-down information transmission and reception of all the participants. after the system is completed, all the selling of the agricultural products of the common people can be filled in on the personal account of the own platform, and send a person to buy, in the process of the acquisition, the person in charge of the village level office will provide all the agent service, and collect the agency fee according to the market agreement; on the other hand, the platform will cooperate with the manufacturer of the common commodity for the production of the common people, Network sales of various goods are carried out on a platform at a low price without the involvement of middlemen, which can be facilitated because of the size. It is not easy to see from the above description that the operation of the village-level agency requires a large number of training centers for the person in charge, and requires a large number of people's necessities to be allocated to the center. 2. High-efficiency storage: The efficient collection block is a huge network market. After the hawker's brother is registered, the receiving invitation of all the buyers can be received. After the receipt is registered, the receiving invitation can be pushed to all the hawker brothers, and the system will be used for intelligent screening and matching of the region and the variety. After the hawker brothers joined the high-efficient stock-collection alliance, it was not necessary to look for the source of the hot sun and the streets, and to find the buyer without worrying about the arrival of the goods after the arrival of the goods; the hawker brothers did not have to worry about the purchase of the buyer for long-distance travel after the arrival of the goods, and the non-selection of many times of bargaining in the course of unloading the goods. After the hawker brothers with the garlic account update the holding information (the holding variety: garlic, pepper, onion, etc.), After receiving the receiving invitation of all the receiver of the corresponding variety in the region, the hawker will evaluate the acquisition point after the sales transaction has been completed (the evaluation function and the rules will be opened and released after the completion of the function). The system will update the star acquisition point ranking every day. In the end, it will make the well-established purchase order business hot, and the door is in the market. After the receiving friends join the high-efficiency storage and storage alliance, it is possible to push the receiving invitation to all the hawker brothers of the corresponding variety of goods in the region. In the course of receiving the goods, if the sandwich can not be found, the system will rank the receiving point according to the vendor's evaluation. Be the star-to-take point, let the supply of goods always fill. 3. HOLOGRAPHIC LOGISTICS: The logistics industry is an important part of the whole garlic industry. In the present logistics, there are artificial defects that are not easy to control in the traditional way, such as the intentional misstatement of the driver to the road or not, and the driver's random change of the prescribed walking route. From the production to the implementation of the complicated work, the freight clearing and the extra labor of the payment, these factors restrict the large-scale growth of the logistics company and the effective promotion of the logistics service standard, on the basis of this, the garlic is ready to take the lead in opening the holographic logistics in China, By means of the technical means, the road condition video real-time transmission of the driver in the driving process, the real-time generation of the driving track of the automobile, the system early warning of the automobile deviation track, the comprehensive calculation of the fuel consumption of the common route of the automobile, the automatic processing of the customer's new order and the directional distribution, The automatic comparison of the source of the source of goods, the automatic filing of the completed order, the automatic clearing and allocation of the freight fare. In short, use fewer people to make things better and more efficient. From the above description, it can be seen that the operation of the holographic logistics requires a large monitoring and assignment site. 4. Storage Alliance: The demands of customers from various places to the storage service are becoming more and more high, and the service of the customer/ supplier is becoming more and more difficult to accomplish with the help of one's own hand, and the enterprise plans to connect a large number of storage libraries into a network alliance. a push-flow camera and a temperature data acquisition device are additionally arranged in each warehouse, Be in peace at home. As can be seen from the above description, the enterprise needs a professional team to complete the process of the new-in warehouse, and the professional team is required to complete the comprehensive maintenance of the alliance. 5. On-line transaction: The trade and trade in the spot of the agricultural products such as garlic and hot pepper are still very traditional, and because the information asymmetry and the time delay are inconvenient for the spot trading and trading, The enterprise is prepared to generate an electronic contract corresponding to the goods entered by the customer/ supplier when the customer/ supplier is in the warehouse. The contract includes the specification of the goods, the description of the applicable market of the goods, the tonnage of the goods, the storage position of the goods, etc. When the customer/ supplier needs to sell their own goods, the electronic contract can be hung on the platform, the contract can be opened by anyone, and the goods can be checked according to the navigation route built in the contract and ejected as needed, and the batch of goods can be purchased through the network immediately after the goods are in accordance with the requirements of the contract, The whole process is efficient and smooth, which is the trading trend of all agricultural products in stock. 6. Sales tools: At present, there are the first-class wholesalers, second-class wholesalers and three-level wholesalers in the major agricultural products in China-up to the terminal consumption, and the enterprises have developed the marketing tools for the first-class wholesalers in all markets. They can use the tools provided by the platform to integrate all of their off-line wholesalers and even terminal consumers, and then the system will summarize the order orders of the wholesalers at all levels to the higher-level wholesalers, and the quantity of goods to be delivered at all levels in the whole process is collected and calculated. The overall planning of the delivery route is obvious, and under the premise of high ease of use, the platform can be more promoted to go out, so that people can be integrated in. It is not easy to see from the above description that there is a need for assistance from different provinces, different transport routes, and on-line services. The operation center of the most modern and most modern agricultural products is built, which includes: In the machine room, because the amount of information transmission and the amount of video storage are too large, it is not the most cost-effective choice for the server to continue to use the third-party company, and we need to build the machine room. The self-rack server saves both the cost and the safety of the data. in that video control center, the network push-flow video camera is instal in all the garlic production areas in the whole country under the condition of garlic, and the live video of each market is displayed to all the garlic workers, and even the third-party video service is provided to the outside, and the business association is generated by a facility such as a factory processing workshop and the like, Professional video network maintenance personnel will be on standby at the operation center for 7 * 24 hours to ensure the normal operation of each video. The product distribution center is based on the network sales of daily supplies generated by the village-level agency for all the people, and when the offline distribution is carried out, the original allocation will be completed at the operation center. The Logistics Distribution Center will be provided with a professional team to monitor and provision all vehicles. The personnel training center, all personnel and platform related to the offline nodes will be regularly trained here, here is the most advanced concept and the minimum standard of the hatching place. The e-commerce of the commodity trading center and the spot order is the inevitable trend of the current trade in the future. The large-scale data processing center, the operation track of various groups on the platform, the geographical distribution of the high-heat users, the data summary of each parameter index, the generation of various data models based on the requirements will be completed here. At the reception center of the whole country, all the village-level generation points built under the whole day of the garlic are open to anyone, and all the people can use the storage and storage tools developed under the day of the garlic to collect the storage. more >>
Industrial Park
The project of suantongtianxia has invested a total of 900 million yuan, which is divided into two phases. The first -stage project is the suantongtianxia e-commerce industrial park , and the second-stage project is suantongtianxia deep processing and storage project. The first Stage project: The project covered an area of 224 mu ,Which was invested of 380 million yuan, it mainly builds an e-commerce finished products distribution area of 8,875 square meters, an intelligent storage area of 15,270 square meters, garlic products logistics storage area of 9550 square meters, dry goods logistics storage area are 9550 square meters , product allocate and processing workshop of 13,360 square meters, an agricultural products trading market of 9,590 square meters, and a 6Fcomplex building of 13,300 square meters. This project mainly purchases equipment and facilities such as public broadcasting system, information release system, SQL database, LED large screen system, IBM server, quality trace system, logistics and distribution system, peeling machine, multi-function pole cutter, fruit and vegetable sorting line, fruit and vegetable packing line, forklift truck, logistic transportation vehicles, etc.In normal years, it is expected that 168,000 tons of garlic, onion and pepper will be sold through suantongtianxia e-commerce platform (among 140,000 tons of garlic, 18,000 tons of onion and 10,000 tons of pepper), and provided the turnover storage service of garlic products , annual turnover of storage capacity of 30,000 tons.The biggest highlight of the first phase project is the integration of the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence is comprehensively applied to the garlic industry, realized the online and offline trading of garlic and garlic slices. The Second Stage project: With an investment of 520 million yuan and an area of 290 mu, The main construction of 20,000 square meters of garlic pieces storage workshop, 20,000 square meters of low-temperature raw materials workshop, 20,000 square meters of turnover warehouse, 20,000 square meters of finished products workshop, 11,000 square meters of temporary storage workshop, 17,000 square meters of raw materials workshop, 19,000 square meters of processing workshop.We have purchased electric drying production line, rotary vibrating screen, color separating machine, efficient thresher machine,flour mill machine, double-bin efficient flat screen, fermentation drying machine and electric can sealing machine and other equipment 3831 sets. It is estimated that the annual year output of garlic granules is 30,000 tons, garlic powder 20,000 tons, black garlic 2,000 tons, turnover garlic 100,000 tons, turnover garlic slice 300,000 tons, turnover pepper 30,000 tons in normal years. The project schedule At present, the first phase of the project has been basically completed. The storage and processing workshops were put into use in May 2018, and the big data center is undergoing equipment installation. Among them, the e-commerce platform equipment has been basically installed, the financial center and the garlic guest space are being renovated and purchased equipped, plant bridge deck paving and plant floor hardening project is sweeping. The second phase has completed the land acquisition and is going through various procedures. The factory walls, roads and plant foundations are under construction. It is planned that the project will be completed and put into production by the end of December 2019. This project has been included into the city's library of major projects for the transformation of old and new driving forces, and has been rated as the demonstration base for "entrepreneurship and innovation" and the key demonstration project for the service industry. Economic benefits The normal annual sales revenue is 1624.8 million yuan, the total profit is 184.7816 million yuan, the net profit is 135.8562 million yuan, and the tax is expected to be 46.1954 million yuan. more >>
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